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Women's Stuff

Woman Riding Hybrid bike

Smart Cycles has always been committed to the female cyclist.  From day one, we have understood that providing services and products to women, as well as encouraging female participation in cycling at all levels was a core purpose of our business. 

Nowadays, cycling brands have many 'female specific' bike models, accessories, and components.   It's great because now the lady cyclist has many more choices.  It's also bad, because now the lady cyclist has many more choices! 

Does producing a bicycle and painting it pink, giving it a softer model name, and making sure that no label on it ever says LARGE or XL make it the perfect bike for every lady out there?  No.  Smart Cycles is here to help you navigate all of these options, just like we always have been, making your personal interests and needs the focus.

We are always ready to get our female friends on two wheels (and sometimes 3 or 4!) no matter what the style or speed:  Kids, moms, tweens, teens, collegiate athletes, beach cruisers, commuters, pro racers, charity name it.

We're always ready and willing to answer any questions you have about women's bikes and how women's needs differ from that of men.

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