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Repair Clinics

We offer Bike maintenance and repair classes.  Our program is a one on one format.  We have learned that group classes become question and answer sessions that often bore the participants into sleep!  And, not everyone has the same mechanical abilities or interests.  Our repair and maintenance clinic gives you the opportunity to bring yourself and your bicycle to the store for a one-on-one tutorial with a professional mechanic.  You choose the topics that your time is spent on.  Need to start by learning how to fix a flat?  Would you rather skip to a bottom bracket overhaul?   It is no problem for us!   And the best news is that your bike will receive a complete overhaul during the session, leaving the store fresh and ready for whatever riding action you dive into!  Please Contact Us for more details or if you have specific questions.

The repair clinic cost is $300.00.


Each Clinic Includes:

- 5 Hours of instruction
- 4 Free Tubes
- Repair Manual
- 20% Off all Repair Parts and Accessories purchased during clinic

Work In Our First-Class Shop During Your Personal  Repair Clininc!

Generally, we schedule repair clinics in our off months - January and February.  We can offer a limited number of clinics in season, please inquire with us at the shop.

Bicycle Repair Tools
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