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Electric Bikes Norwalk CT
Aventon - Giant - Liv - Momentun and More Great Brands!

Electric Bikes & Trikes at Smart Cycles
FREE Test Rides/Demos Every Day!

The electric bikes at Smart Cycles in Norwalk, CT utilize hybrid technology.  They combine your energy with the periodic energy supplied by the electric motor.   You'll get on your way more efficiently than ever before with an E-bike.


Featuring Hybrid Cycling Technology, a pedal assisted E-Bike will allow you to tackle longer distances with more ease than ever before. You can keep up with the stronger cyclists now, no matter what the difficulty level of the ride.  Or, you can cruise around the entire town at your leisure without worrying about getting over worked  If you're giving up using your car to get to and from work or to run errands, you can be confident you have what you need to get where you are going on time!   You can now enjoy any ride, along any route, without any worry and you still get excellent, efficient, fat burning, low impact, HEART HEALTHY EXERCISE!

Smart Cycles has been selling E-bikes for almost 20 years. In fact, we were a beta test location for what became the Gruber/Vivax electric assist system way back in 1997.  The brands we stock, and have access to, have all passed our important standards for e-bikes:

  • General Quality

  • Motor Quality - Power by Yamaha, Shimano and Bosch, Bose, Bafang, and Aventon

  • Easily Serviced

  • Parts Always Available

  • Municipality Approved

  • Trail Friendly

  • Programmable Features























We also sell Bafang Electric Motor Kits.  These kits allow you to truly customize your e-bike for your needs:

  • Front or Rear Wheel Drive

  • Motor Power (12v, 24v, 36v, 48v)

  • Battery Type (LA, LI, etc)

  • Assist and/or Moped Mode

We can help you navigate the options to help you get the perfect e-bike while adhering to local laws and land managers' rules for motorized vehicles users.




Electric Bikes Norwalk CT
E-Bikes for Everyone!
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