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Bike Fitting

Propr Bicycle Fit

"It used to be about who had the best racing team, now great bike fitting is 
what distinguishes the truly professional shops." -Bicycle Retailer and Industry News


Smart Cycles understands bike fit about as well as anyone.  With over 30 years of experience with the process, we're also in a very unique situation that benefits every cyclist who wants to make proper fit a priority.  The owner of Smart Cycles, Alex Stanek, is also the owner of Cicli-il-Massimo - a boutique, artisan bicycle frame manufacturer.  He is an acknowledged expert on the subject, having designed and sold thousands of fit-minded bikes in his career.  A five minute chat with Alex puts you at ease that you are in the right hands!

Every level of cyclist can rest assured that they are getting excellent advice regarding sizing and fitting at Smart Cycles.  We take care and pride in selling a first 'real' road bike just like we would if we were outfitting a pro team. 

We have also helped many off-road cyclists improve their cycling by applying basic fit concepts and rules that seem to get lost completely once a rider gets on a knobby tired bike.

Our fitting approach is best described as "the Italian way".  This means everything is done with the individual in mind. We are motivated by making a bike perfect for the person who is buying it.  Male or female, racer, enthusiast or beginner - it doesn't matter.

We employ the help of fitting tools, analysis software, fit bikes and other technology to make our job a little bit easier but we are happiest when we are using our experience to the max.  This is what helps us deliver fit results that you just can't learn at a weekend seminar.

We're also very good at explaining what is important and why.  We are always pleased when our customers tell us that they learned a lot after a conversation or a fit session.   Here is a little photo essay of a typical fitting session:



























Some of the points that are considered when we do a bike fit are:

  • Seat Height

  • Seat Fore-Aft Position

  • Seat Rail Length

  • Seat Post Clamp Range-of-Adjustment and Length

  • Saddle width and fit-to-rider

  • Headset Stacking Height

  • Stem Length

  • Stem Rise

  • Handlebar Width, Reach and Drop

  • Crankarm Length

  • Pedal, Cleat and Shoe Selection and Set-up

  • Distribution of Rider and Bike Weight Between Front and Rear Wheels

  • Tire Width and Compound

The length of the SEAT TUBE, this is generally referred to as the FRAME SIZE.
The length of the TOP TUBE. 

Bicycle Purchase Consultation
Getting Measured for Correct Bie Size Puchase
Correct Bicycle Size and Fit Diagram
Bicycle Frame Size Diagram
Getting Measured for Correct Bie Size Puchase
Correc Bicycle Posture Test
Bicycle Sizing Simulator Setup
Bike Pedal Cleat Setup




Frame Draft

Fit Draft

Position Setup

Position Test

Cleat Fit

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