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il Massimo Bicycles

When the legendary Italian builder Antonio Mondonico decided to retire, two individuals were suddenly struck with the same question:  What's next?  First, his son Mauro, who had been at his father's side for many years as assistant, apprentice, business manager, interpreter, and many other titles in the family business.  Second was the owner of Smart Cycles - Alex Stanek - who had been one of Mondinico's biggest fans, evangelists, and dealers.

Having become friends over the years, Alex and Mauro were always on the same page as far as what made Antonio's frames so great.  Their ideals, business relationship, admiration for doing THE RIGHT THING, ALWAYS came effortlessly for both and both men realised that there would indeed be a noticeable VOID in the marketplace once Antonio retired.   So the rest is....well, complex.   It's a great story, and we love to tell it.  But let's leave that for in-person convo.

The result is il Massimo.   A full line of handmade, artisan Italian bicycle frames that are sourced from the absolute, acknowledged, inarguable best builders in Italy.  If we had an official 'battle cry', it would be to bring you the BEST OF THE BEST'S BEST...the creme dela creme...without pretention, without premium pricing, for the love of all things cycling.  The response to the designs, models and other options that make up what il Massimo has become have been overwhelmingly positive.

Take a look:


Tubeset Columbus Spirit (Available with SL upon request)


Lugged and Silver Brazed Head, Bottom Bracket, Seat Stays


Traditional Stage Geometry, Horizontal Dropouts w/Adjusters, Chrome Head Lugs, Fork Crown, Dropouts, Right Stay, Fork Tips, Chrome Segmented Seat Stays ties.  Classic Build: Top Tube OD 1", Downtube OD 1.125".  Hand produced pantographs.  An EXACT Replica of Classic Frames long lost, it is made by the most highly revered builder in Italy and considered the only frameset of it's elegance available.


Handmade fork, Columbus Nivachrome, Cast Crown, Filed Lugs, Silver Brazed Tips. Chrome Crown and Dropouts.


Shown in IL MASSIMO Lugati Finish. 3 Color Options: Creme/Chrome/Blue, Creme/Chrome/Red, or Creme/Chrome/Black


Personalized color/paint available upon request.  Brass nameplate can be welded to frame for unique, elegant personalization.


Shown with Campagnolo Record Carbon Equipment.  Leggero means light, full bike as shown 16.75 pounds, 56cm. Lugati is an ancient European term loosely translated to 'Ghost', or 'a figure that floats quietly like a cloud'.  The Lugati Leggero rides like nothing else with two wheels!


Sold as Frameset with 1" Threaded style fork.  $3599*



Tubeset XCR Columbus Stainless Steel.  Columbus XCR tubing is the culmination of 7 years of developement.  It offers the durability and corrosion resistance of Titanium, but retains a much more responsive and efficient performance personality.  It's ability to be polished to a mirror finish offers an exotic visual that is equal to the high, state-of-the-art alloy formulation.  Laser etched logos allow the frame's natural beauty to be the focus.


TIG Welded Head, Bottom Bracket, Seat Stays


Traditional Stage Type Geometry, Hand produced pantographs.  Made by the most highly revered builder in Italy.  Available in a classic lugged version.


Handmade fork available, Columbus XCR, shown with Columbus Carbon Carve Fork.


Shown in IL MASSIMO XCR  Polished Finish & "Ghost Lettering".


Shown with Campagnolo Record Carbon Equipment


Sold as Frameset with 1.125" Threadless style Columbus carbon fork.  $3899*

IL Massimo Lugati Strada


Tubeset Columbus SL (Can be made with Spirit or Zona upon request). 


Lugged and Silver Brazed Head, Bottom Bracket, Seat Stays


Traditional Stage Type Geometry, Vertical Dropouts, Walter Head Lugs, Fork Crown, Dropouts.  Classic Build: Top Tube OD 1.125", Downtube OD 1.25".  The Lugati series of frames are the highest caliber frames available and are built by the most highly revered builder in Italy.  The Lugati Strada model gets the same craftsmanship lavished on it as does the Lugati Leggero.  We scaled back on the Chrome and Engraving to really raise the value of this model. 


Handmade fork, Columbus Nivachrome, Cast Crown, Filed Lugs, Brazed Tips.


Shown in IL MASSIMO Lugati Finish. 3 Color Options: Creme/Blue, Creme/Red, or Creme/Black


Personalized color/paint available upon request.  Brass nameplate can be welded to frame for unique, elegant personalization.


Sold as Frameset with 1" Threadless style fork.  $2299*


Lugged Team Monostay
Columbus Zona Tubing (Can be made with Life, SL, Spirit)
Lugged and Brass Brazed
Traditional Stage Geometry

Antonio Mondonico was the last builder in Italy to offer the steel monostay tieup and that was around 2003. With his son Mauro's input, we were able to bring this elegant, beautiful, efficient option into the IL Massimo lineup. In addition to the SWEET looks, the monostay stiffens up the rear end making the bike a great climber and VERY responsive machine! Viva MONOSTAY! Viva Mondonico! Viva IL Massimo!

Our TEAM SERIES of frames come from a small shop in Cunio, Italy. From the back doors of the workspace, about 120km away, one can see the Mountains of southeastern France - where some of the greatest cycling races were born and continue to be fought. The most fabulous road riding in the world exists here. Riders of all styles and interests carve through these roads in a glorious commune with nature.  It is, quite literally, European Road Bike Heaven.  Many cycling 'Gruppos' (TEAMS) come here to challenge their abilities and their equipment, as well as one another.    The TEAM SERIES of frames from IL Massimo are designed to represent the valued input from these diverse riders on these many different cycling conditions and terrains.  For 30 years, our builder has worked in this region, hand producing the frames that have satisfied the riders who know what they need their bikes to be. We are proud to offer you his expertise and his passion.  If it is good enough for the Gruppos, it is good enough for us.

Sold as Frame ONLY $2499*

Columbus Genius Monocoque Racing Frame

Created by the Columbus Carbon Laboratory (CCL) in collaboration with the most experienced, prestigious manufacturers of racing bikes, the GENIUS is a monocoque road racing frame constructed from Toray H60 3K carbon fiber laminate.

The Genius has established itself as an unashamed leader in ride quality for a frameset of it's type. Exceptional and accurate tracking is a characteristic that reveals itself instantly. The Genius represents the best possible compromise between comfort, stiffness, and weight. It weighs an astonishing 900 grams in size medium. The exclusive molding process ensures that the frame is in alignment to a tolerance MUCH higher than that of frames costing many times more. Small manufacturing runs ensure that each frame is held to a super-high standard of quality. In simple terms, you get a frame that is alligned to much tighter requirements.

Rider efficiency is at a maximum when on this frame. All efforts made to push the bike forward are transferred lightening-fast, making the rider go faster and farther. Genius is an ideal pro-racing or sportive/grand fondo frameset. Many of the innovations in the Genius are a direct result of studies and simulations of all the stresses inherent in cycle racing - very few carbon models at this level of materials and construction can boast the amount of real-world, cycling specific input that Genius has.


Toray H60 3k
900 grams (medium)
Internal Cable Routing
Di2 and EPS Compatible
1.5/1.25 Tapered Headtube/Steerer
Asymmetric Chainstays
BB86 Monobloc BB Shell

SOLD as Frame and fork $3899*

More models, details, including geometries for each model can be viewed at

*Contact us for exact pricing.  Prices can vary due to a variety of cost fluctuations.


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