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Bike Repairs

Equipment breaks.  Even if you take great care of it, you can break things, wear them out, run over them with your car, etc.  Don't worry.  We can fix anything. 

You can bring your broken bike down to our shop anytime.  We provide free diagnostics and repair cost quotes.  Repairs are done on a first come, first served basis, but we offer RUSH SERVICE when you are in a pinch.  We can't give you any detailed repair information without seeing your bike in person, so if you need help...BRING IT IN.

We handle anything from the simplest tweaks to complex frame repairs:

  • Punctured Tubes

  • Torn Tires

  • Broken Spokes

  • Broken Chains

  • Worn Gears

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleeds

  • Disc Brake Pad Replacement

  • Wheel Truing

  • Broken Derailleur Hangers

  • Freehub Rebuilds

  • Fork and Shock Service

  • Tubeless Tire Installs and Sealant Service

  • Wheel Building

  • Frame Alignment

  • Frame Preparation

  • Material Repair


  • End of Week Rush - $20+

  • Overnight Rush - $40+

We do FREE estimates and safety checks, anytime...If you are In Doubt...get your bike down to the shop and we will inspect it for you!

Brokn Bicycle Hub
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