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Comfort - City - Cruisers

When your first rule for cycling is ABSOLUTELY NO LYRCA - EVER, you are in good hands at Smart Cycles.   We have a great selection of purely receational and comfortable bikes for men and women.  When you just want to jump on two wheels and go, we have many great models for you to choose from. 

Fortunately, Giant, Del Sol and Reid Bicycles have accepted that a lot of riders don't get many cues from  the LYCRA FEST known as the TOUR DE FRANCE!  The result is a line of bikes for the 99.9% of people out there who want to have fun and do it at a reasonable price WITHOUT LYCRA, shaved legs, and PEDs!   You get on and you go...simple, eh?  Bell and kickstand included, basket extra.

Bikes like the  ↑Giant Sedonas are like recliners with wheels.  You can ride these bikes ALL DAY without ever feeling the need to get off.  Their suspension forks and seat posts eat up all the bumps you hit so you don't even know you've hit them.  Cushy saddles and riser bars keep you in a nice upright position so you can see what is ahead of you at all times.  Some models even have adjustable stems, so you can tweak your posture on the bike from a 'sight-seeing' position to a speedier one in seconds!


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