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A bike tune-up is a complete inspection, adjustment, and lubrication of your bicycle. We adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust the headset, bottom bracket, axle cones and check all nuts and bolts during a tune up.  We will also lube your bike as needed.  During a tune-up, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation.  Parts and their installation costs, and potential additional labor costs are not included.  We recommend tune-ups once a year at a minimum for all bikes. Tuneups do not include extensive cleaning of any part of your bike.

$94 for Geared Bikes with Rims Brakes, $104 with disc brakes, $114 with disc and full susp.
$69 for Kiddie Coaster Bikes
$69 BMX and Freestyle Type Bikes


A common and legit question.  The most accurate answer is that it depends on where you ride, what conditions you ride in and how much you ride.  A bicycle is a machine...all machines need some form of continuous care.  Here is a small list of things to do before and after every ride at a minimum...and a guide to how often your bike needs to visit the shop.

-Check Tire Pressure
-Check Shock Pressure
-Check Fork Pressure
-Inspect Tires For Cracks or Peeling
-Check and Make Sure Brakes Are Operational
-Check Critical Stem/Braking System Hardware/Bolts for Proper Torque
-Check For Loose Parts and Make Sure Bike Does Not RATTLE
-Check Chain for Tight Links or Potential Failure Points

-Inspect Tires Again
-Clean Drivetrain of Sand and Grime
-Clean Frame and Painted Areas of Sand, Grime, and SWEAT!
-Re-lube chain properly and wipe off excess chain lube
-Hang Bike In SAFE PLACE!

We recommend a tune up once a year on every bike at a MINIMUM...if you ride more you might need more than one tune up a year. A tune up on a bike is a lot like an OIL Change in a needs to be done after a certain amount of mileage, but should always be considered every 6 months or so on a bike that is used and needs to be considered safe and reliable.

Tuneups do not include extensive cleaning of any part of your bike.  If your bike is slimy and grimy, read on...

Overhauls completely recondition your bike. If your bike is SO grimy and dirty that a tune up will be ineffective, then you need an OVERHAUL.  If you have premium equipment, overhauls are recommended more often, about once a year, to keep your bike and its gear in that premium class!  We do partial overhauls and Drivetrain overhauls more often than complete overhauls...If your bike is tired, dirty and sad over haul will breathe new life into it.

We do FREE estimates and safety checks, anytime...If you are In Doubt...get your bike down to the shop and we will inspect it for you!

Bicycle Gear Adjustment
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