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Click, Click, Click...  - St. Jude's Research Hospital for Children.  St. Jude is the patron Saint of hopeless causes.  The thousands of children treated at the Hospital annually are often exploring their last hope at the facility.  Please think of them as you make your charitable contributions. - Giant USA! - Haro's website! - Yes, you guessed it, Santa Cruz's website! - Bikes from INTENSE!  - Check out the Giant stunt rider Jeff Lenosky doing his stuff! - The pioneer and reigning king of bicycle trials.  From world-class competitions to Hollywood movies to biking adventures in the farthest reaches of this planet, Hans Rey is the picture of bicycling lifestyle! - Full blown E-Zine for mountain bikers!  Great list of trails along with some very interesting trail reviews! - Dog training Knoxville, TN - our old friend Justin Rigney is one of the best dog trainers in the US!

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