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Smart Cycles has been a Santa Cruz dealer since the late 1990's and we've always admired their approach to bringing new products to market.  We've noticed a couple of things through the years that we believe to be very telling: 1. These guys ride (extensively) every new bike design BEFORE it hits the shops.  This is awesome since it means they do their own R&D instead of having their customers do it!  ...and 2. Everything they put in print regarding their equipment is always spot-on.  This means they have a clear understanding of what they are doing, why they are doing it and and how well they are executing their ideas.  Trust us, sadly, not many products out there get this treatment.

Along with Intense Cycles, Santa Cruz offers the best linkages in the industry.  The VPP and the JTT.  It seems to us that the approach of many other brands is to copy the VPP as closely as possible, but avoid getting sued, failing epically at the expense of the rider!  Santa Cruz offers many carbon, aluminum and premium carbon models that cover a wide section of market needs.  Best yet, the spirit of the Bullit, Heckler and Superlight single-pivot models, that the brand was built on, is present in all the new models.

Their website is chock-full of great info and media, so be sure to check it out.  Below you will see our presentation on the models we stock most often.  Don't forget to visit our Facebook Page to see ton's of candid shots of the Santa Cruz bikes that come through our store!

Intense Cycles has been around for almost a quarter century, with its early history solidly embedding the brand’s importance in the mountain bike world. These were the early days of mountain bike racing, where bike design moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Intense was an important part of the early innovation of suspension bicycles and, over the past 20 years, the company has retained much of its race-bred roots. Manufacturing all of their aluminum frames and the vast majority of the small parts that go along with them, Intense is one of few brands that can still lay claim to the truly American-made mountain bike.

Now with a line of carbon frames alongside the US-made aluminum models, Intense Cycles sits atop the micro-sized group of “truly authentic, unique, beautiful, focused brands...".   As the designer of JTT technology, Intense joins SCB in pushing the performance of the ackowledged, inarguable best linkage designs in the business.


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