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Road Bikes

One of Giant's tag lines is: RIDE WITHOUT LIMITS.  When you consider their wide lineup of road bike platforms and the bikes themselves, you really aren't limited at all in your options.

Giant is the biggest manufacturer of bikes to the US bike market.  They are considered to be the best high-quality bike factory in the world.

Giant offers top-notch design, innovation, production, performance and value to their bike customers.  It isn't possible to find another company that has the experience and expertise that Giant has.  From raw materials, to tubing design, to frame building - Giant leads the way.

The Giant road bike platform is divided like this:

Defy and Avail Models - Endurance style bikes for entry level and entusiasts, long distance and comfort minded riders.

Defy and Avail Advanced Models - Endurance bikes for riders interested in stepping up to Carbon frames and upper rung gear.

TCR Models - Race ready bikes available in aluminum or carbon for the rider who want's to cross into the sport and performance lane.

Propel Models - Race ready aero bikes for cutting through the wind.

Bianchi Road Bikes

It was in the year 1885 when Edoardo Bianchi, then 21 years old, started his enterprise as a bicycle manufacturer in his little shop in Milan, at via Nirone. The deep innovative zeal distinguished him above all the constructors of his era.
He is known as the inventor of the 'Safety' bicycle, having incorporated a chain drive system, which offset pedaling forces, into a two-wheeled cycle.  2015 will mark the 125th anniversary of the company, making it the oldest brand in the cycling industry by far.

Eduardo's innovations and inventions remain the foundation for many still used today, where his ideas have met the technology of the 21st century and been proven to still be the best solutions.  Bianchi even invented full-suspension cycling.  In 1915, he designed a bike for the Army.  It was equipped with wide-section tyres, folding frame and suspensions on both wheels. This original bicycle was consigned to the Royal Light Infantry Corp, the "Bersaglieri", who used it as an off-road vehicle from the Alps to the African deserts: it was the first mountain bike, the ancestor of all the modern versions.

The Bianch label, along with the identifiable celeste green color, has won races all around the globe.  The bikes have carried countless riders through all sorts of cycling situtations longer than any other brand.  To this day, the lineup of Bianchi bikes is simple and thoughtfully designed to maximize all factors for those who select one.  Smart Cycles is happy to represent this classic brand!

TIME France

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) is the heart and soul of every TIME frame. It allows us to create lighter and more resilient carbon fiber frames. And since this process is done all in house, we control every aspect of the fiber weave, the tubes, the frame and ultimately, the ride. TIME is the only bicycle manufacturer to produce frames using the RTM process. Of course, Made in France.

We start with a carbon fiber to weave our own carbon fabric. While others source their carbon sheets, and outsource parts of the manufacturing process, we create our own tubes, allowing us to determine the angles of the braids and even introduce other types of fibers, such as VECTRAN®, to determine the exact qualities of the ride and feel of the bicycle.


Today, TIME is going further in their quest for performance. Following several years of research and the application of three patents, TIME introduces AKTIV, a revolutionary fork featuring an integrated tuned mass damper, which dispels vibrations detrimental to the cyclist's performance and comfort.


The result is a truly premium bicycle frame whose performance speaks for itself. 

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