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Entry Level - Mid Range Road Bikes For EVERYONE!

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Smart Cycles carries a large selection of entry-level to mid-range road bikes for riders who aren't ready to plunge into the premium road bike world quite yet!  “Entry level” is a phrase that refers to a starting point, so don’t let that term fool you into thinking Smart Cycles doesn't take "starting point" bicycles, and the riders interested in them SERIOUSLY!

Buying an entry-level to mid range road bike from SMART Cycles has great advantages.  Our experience with high-end road bikes, custom bikes, precision bike fitting, and equipment selection ALL benefit you greatly as you set out on your new road machine.  



GIANT road bikes lead the industry in design, development and dollar-value.  GIANT offers two "lines" of road bikes.  The DEFY bikes are more upright, comfort-oriented, and more versatile - by way of having wide gear ranges that include very low gears for easy pedaling on any terrain.  The Giant DEFY models range in price from $849 to $1499.

GIANT's TCR racing bikes are renowned worldwide as "cutting-edge" in materials, design and performance.  The TCRs are more aggressive and race-like when compared to the DEFY models.  Some of the TCR bikes are full-on race machines.

Both the DEFY and TCR lines are available in aluminum, carbon, and in some cases a combo of both aluminum and carbon.  WOMEN'S models are called the AVAIL and are also a key component of the Giant bike line.  So then, no matter what your style, speed...or gender....SMART CYCLES is the source for your road cycling needs!

A Giant TCR Alliance Mens (pictured above) - Fast, aggressive, responsive!  Many of the TCR models are race ready in equipment as well as geometric configuration.  If SPEED is your game, a TCR will get you where you need to be FAST!


A Giant WOMEN'S AVAIL does what the MENS models does, but it does it better for most ladies!  A shorter head tube, longer top tube, narrower bars, and shorter stem are coupled with longer crank arms and longer seat tube to accommodate the typical female's proportions. (Read more about Women's bikes here to learn more about women's bikes.)  


The Giant DEFY models are all about comfort, versatility, stability, and keeping you smiling for miles and miles...no matter what your speed or purpose is!  A longer wheelbase, taller head tube, shorter cockpit and wide gear ranges are all characteristics of the DEFY bikes.  ONE test ride on a GIANT DEFY reveals quickly how great these bikes are for people looking to expand their pedaling on the pavement!


A GIANT AVAIL LADIES MODEL! - Bikes like the GIANT AVAIL have shown themselves to be great "springboards" into nicer equipment.  We have many customers that have been happily riding AVAILs for years!  But, some folks who start out with an AVAIL and get hooked on road biking quickly come back and buy a high-end, custom bike within a few months.  This is a testament to the quality of the AVAILs.  Many of our customers who graduate into high-level gear tell us how important their first bike was to them!  





VN Sora TripleThere is no more recognizable color in the road bike world than the Celeste Green that has become known as 'Bianchi Green'!

 The following quote comes right from the Bianchi Website:  "...we make it available in 9 sizes because we never really believed that you can fit everyone properly by offering only 3 or 4 sizes.."  We read that and came up with a quote of our own: "SIGN US UP"!!!  Bianchi bikes provide a perfect option for riders who want all the benefits of the higher-level Italian bikes we sell, but at a lighter price range.  But don't be fooled...Bianchi's high end bikes are awesome too!

Bianchi's line of road bikes is legendary.  Certainly no longer the small, custom shop that once was nestled into cramped quarters in Italy, Bianchi is a big company these days...but they remain true to their roots and to the foundation that the brand was built on.  Eduardo Bianchi would be proud.

Bianchi also has the honor and distinction of being THE OLDEST BIKE BRAND in the world.  At 126 years and counting, Bianchi's longevity is a huge milestone in this day and age of 'here today...gone tomorrow' commercialism.

They build their bikes in the Italian Stage style.  This means the bikes are FIT Conscious, ride with great STABILITY, and offer the cyclist every chance to be COMFORTABLE for long trips over varying terrain.  Bianchi also has a full line of bikes made from Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and the latest Aluminum tube sets that offer low-weight, comfort, durability and long lifespan!  

When we created the Eros some years ago as a sensible steel-framed triple-chainring road bike, its stable, high-performance ride was a hit, particularly with recreational century and charity riders. Today’s Eros is the same as it ever was, only better. The goodness starts with the Reynolds 631 frame (the same foundation as on the Vigorelli and Imola), extends to the carbon fork and Campagnolo components (including 30-speed hill-taming gearing), and keeps rewarding you ride after ride.

Bianchi also has 3 very nice women's bikes.  The Donnas are available in 42, 46 and 50cm.  Not all women's bikes are created equal.  It is clear Bianchi's are designed with more thoughtful input than is found at a one-day 'pow-wow' held at some hotel's conference room.  Bianchi has 126 years of data to work with. True to the Italian ways, Bianchi believes that the road is the only true laboratory!  


Bianchi Via Nirone Sora
The Via Narone C2C Sora is as exciting an entry-level road bike as there is.  You can buy one of a few BIG NAMES out there, but this bike (under $1000) is the antidote to the 'cookie cutter" approach that the big commercial companies have employed for so long.


The Via Narone C2C 105 model offers sleek, contemporary styling that blends with traditional Italian geometry.  These new 2010 models are great options for the rider who looks for classic feel and performance - but that comes with a more current look and attitude!


Bianchi Brava
Bianchi Brava - is back for 2010.  A lower priced steel road bike that delivers traditional looks and the fantastic ride that steel has been known for for many year!

   Bianchi Volpe

Bianchi Volpe - The all around, do everything and anything steel road bike.  Perhaps the best example of how a generally simple bike designed for comfort and function has bucked the trends of the last 2 decades and quietly massed many a squadron of very happy cyclists.  Steel is REAL, folks.  Ask any Volpe owner!