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More Authentic, REAL - Italian Made Road Bikes 
at Smart Cycles!!

Smart Cycles is well known for selling premium, handcrafted frames made in Italy.  You can use the links found above to familiarize yourself with our passion for Italian frames if you aren't up to speed on all that already.  Nothing rides like an Italian bike. No other frames have passion and soul built into them like genuine Italian craftsmen instill into their frames.  

We are happy and proud to offer more REAL, Italian products by carrying frames from Casati, Ciocc, and Coppi!  

Smart Cycles HAND SELECTS...repeat...we HAND SELECT imported frames from these brands from their sole American Importer.  This assures that you receive absolute top quality in every department of a frames parameters!  ALL custom frame orders are conducted directly with the shops that build the frames!


Our fascination with Italian bikes gets more and more intense as the years go by!  You need evidence?  Look at the new lineup of Ciocc steel bikes.  Not ALL steel is created equal.  You can have all the benefits of current day technology, but retain the luscious, stable, ride-me-for-hours, climb-like-a-goat qualities that make Italian bikes nearly mythical.

NEW!!!! 2014 CIOCC
Limited Availability - ONLY 25 Imported - Hand Made in Italy
2014 Retro Steel Lugged Framesets

Ciocc Retro Lugged 2011 

Ciocc Retro Lugged Frameset 2011

When we heard about these frames, we said "SIGN US UP"!!!  They have finally arrived!
Handmade by the Conte's in Italy, these frames are true RETRO.  Columbus Double Butted 858 Nivachrome tubing.  Brass brazed at the BB and head tube.  Vertical dropouts.  Braze on Front Der.  1" headtube.  Downtube lever bosses accomodate either shifters or cable guides. Threadless carbon fork with alloy steerer included.

White or Black ONLY as shown.  Frame weight 3.75lbs (52cm frame weighed).

Sizes 48(52tt), 50(53tt), 52(547tt), 54(55.5tt), 56(57tt), 58(58tt), 60(58.5tt) ONLY!

Top tube OD = 1", Down tube OD = 1-1/8", Seat Tube OD = 1-1/8" 27.2mm Seat Tube.  

THE REAL DEAL!  Reg:$1399.99,   Intro Sale: $1099.99!!!  


Ciocc San Cristobal On Sale!



2014 Replica and San Cristobal

Instant Classics - Ciocc 'San Cristobal' (white) and 'Replica' (red) model framesets.  Columbus double butted, drawn tubing, microfused brazing, Silva rear dropouts, investment cast lugs. Each with Columbus handcrafted fork. 

Ciocc, (say like CHEE-OH-CH) for the passionate cyclist, is a brand that recalls the early days of the great Italian handcraft tradition of road frames.  It was 60 years ago that CIOCC, working from a small artisan shop, produced high quality frames for some very demanding pro riders.  Sixty years later, CIOCC is still visible in the professional ranks as a confirmed leader in the world of road bike frames.  Stefano Bonati, Cesare Biondi and Biffi Giuseppe - owners of Ciocc - realize the importance of the company's origins, traditions and attention to detail.  Ciocc is a market leader of dream-worthy frames that become instant classics and timeless in themselves as well as evolved carbon frames.

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San Cristobal - Custom Color, painted to rider spec!

Ciocc Keen Blade

Ciocc Keen Blade Aero POst


Ciocc Extro Carbon

Ciocc Styluro Tri

Ciocc Mackba Track Bike - Mackba Farme and Fork - $1499.99. 



Casati frames are designed and engineered at their Monza workshops in Italy. A passion dating from 1920 is replicated every day in searching for custom made solutions to accomodate the most demanding cyclist. Skilled craftsmen demand that the finer details and finishing procedures are carefully followed using the latest technical equipment to ensure the highest quality of each individual frame produced. Today Casati frames are appreciated throughout the world for their latest designs, superior quality, technical finesse and outstanding finish.


Casati Linea Oro

Linea Oro 90th Anniversary 24 Carat Gold!  Call for Ordering Details.
  linea_oro_white Linea Oro Red  



Frameset made of Dedacciai steel EOM 16.5 tubing, it is a unique and personalized creation, custom-made according to the measurements of each single amateur or professional rider. It is a frameset entirely hand-built with true artisanship features, yet utilizing cutting-edge technologies. For example, a silver fillet-brazing process at low temperature using free of any impurity and distilled water so as not to modify the tubeset molecular structure.

The seat post binding mechanism, invented and patented by Casati over a decade ago, is entirely hidden inside the tubing, conveying an esthetically cleaner and more elegant look. Carbon fork, produced exclusively by Dedacciai, it is proven to absorb vibrations and increase the stability and smoothness of the frame. The derailleur cables are guided internally, facilitating the replacement during regular maintenance. Upon request the frame can be made without hidden seat post locking device, replaced by classic locking system and with external cables. Each and every frame is treated both internally and externally by an elaborate rust-proofing process, thus greatly extending the longevity of the product. The painting is an artisan-like process as well, meticulously accomplished in six distinctive steps. The use of top quality paints delivers a pleasant, “ceramic” feel to the touch throughout the frame.

Laser is designed and manufactured entirely at Casati’s facility in Monza.

Upon request, the frame can be equipped with Campagnolo or Shimano components, along with some of the most exclusive accessories available in the marketplace.

Frame weight: Kg 1,550

CASATI LASER - A Steel, brazed absolute MASTERPIECE!



Contact us for more info on Casati, Ciocc and Coppi bikes!