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Norwalk, CT  06851

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W e l c o m e    T o    O u r    S t o r e ! 

  A Cool Bike Shop AND THEN SOME!

"For every 1000 bike shops, there is one that separates itself from the others in its own unique way that can't be duplicated.  Smart Cycles is one of these stores.  Top 15 in North America, hands down.   Not the biggest, not the flashiest, not the richest, just simply one of the finest bicycling resources around."

-Mark Mendelsohn, artisan frame builder for Anreas Cuevas, team mechanic for 2 Tours De France, and formerly with Campagnolo USA.


Smart Cycles is a lot more than just an ordinary bike shop.  We can get you on your dream bike, but we can also get you geared up to enjoy that dream bike in any riding situation.  No one touches our selection of bicycles and bicycling accessories!  Buying your first bike? Getting ready for the World Cup? Looking for a racing partner? Looking for a set of training wheels? WE are YOUR shop! 

We love helping people get what they need to enjoy biking and all its wonderful benefits.  Our belief is that buying a bike should be as fun and exciting as riding one.  We still feel the buzz ourselves when we order new goodies for our personal use and we know that you want to have the same amount of fun! 


Everyone who works at Smart Cycles is a BIKE NUT!  Some are racers, some are leisure riders, some get into the mechanics of bikes more than anything else.  We're all laid back and easy going...no hard sells...we are here to help you not to hustle you!  We sell high-end road and mountain bikes without the "snootiness" or pretension that turns a lot of people off to the idea of buying premium equipment.  We're proud of this website and hope it helps you learn about us and our store....but there is no substitute for a visit in-person, so get down here!


We stock nearly the full lines of bikes from top brand names in the industry like Giant, Haro, Redline, SantaCruz, Intense, Diamondback, Torelli, Mondonico, Turner and Others. We are committed to operating the store like a business and not a hobby, so you will always find us well stocked and ready to service your cycling needs.  It really is hard to find a bike shop in the area that has the selection we do.  Our years of experience make it a slam dunk for many customers and we are very happy to have a long list of satisfied cyclists that spread the word about our store!



Looking for a bike for a child?  We have just as much fun teaching our young friends about bikes as we do selling racing stuff...maybe even more fun to be honest!  We carry great bikes for kids from Giant, Diamondback, Haro, Redline and other top brands.  All of our bikes are quality products that come assembled, with a REAL warranty , and free service.  All this adds up to your child riding a safe and fun bike that is fit-oriented and will last for years if cared for properly.  Our kids bikes start at just $99 so don't get roped into thinking you have to spend as much for a kids bike as you do a racing bike...when u come in to look for a child's bike...let us know how many kids you want to have the bike serve and we can take that into consideration and ultimately suggest a size and model that can last through three generations!



Visit our Buyer's Guide to read our advice on how to buy the right bike for your needs, catch up on what is hot in our store, and get a look at the season's best accessories!