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Dear Alex,

Thanks again for your gracious hospitality when Carol and I visited your shop.

Please let me be honest.

Over the decades I have come across many sizing
systems. With only a few exceptions, I have found them in the end to be
worse than no system at all, or at best, a good place to start.

Imagine my surprise when I found that your careful measurements, when
inputted into your computer program, yields an accurate  frame size and a very good seat height setting. 

I wasn't ready to believe it and I had to see several customers of various heights and proportions fitted before I was ready to accept it.

I now believe it.

Nice job. Your customers can really feel comfortable that  you are getting them just what they need.

Chairman Bill
Torelli Imports

Bill McGann is owner of Torelli Imports.  He was a CAT1 racer for many years and is as active as an American can be in the Italian ROAD CYCLING Culture.  Visit his website at www.torelli.com

Mauro Mondonico

Dear Alex,
We are back and I am trying to get the right clock here since 9 hours difference between California and Italy are not easy to recover. At the end, our trip has been more than successful. We didn't except such a big result.
It is always a real pleasure to visit you and we appreciate a lot the enthusiasm and the bike knowledge that we can feel coming to Smart Cycles. We have seen all the promotion and care you have done during the year with your customers and for us this is something really special. 

Thank you.

Mauro and 
Antonio Mondonico




I've had the good fortune of being able to participate and excel in road racing and other styles of cycling, at a high level, for many years. 

College in Vermont - great cycling program.  Colorado as a grad student - living in the US road cycling Meca.  California and Texas as an adult - abundant riding resources in both states, Hell Week in TX as my backyard training route.  I've ridden everything there is to ride.  I've been coached and "developed" with every program and approach known to the cycling world. 
Above all else, I've found that a proper fitting, comfortable bike is the constant necessity at all levels.   The sizing and fitting knowledge and results that Alex Stanek (Smart Cycles-Norwalk, CT) delivers to his customers can be found in maybe 5 or 6 places in the country.  If your goal is optimal fit (and it should be), regardless of what you ride, where you ride, or how you ride, you'll leave satisfied after a "SMARTFIT"!
-AJ Gauss
Cat 1 Roadie



If the Bike Don’t Fit, You Must Not Equip
By Phil Miano


...There are many resources available that allow a rider to select a bike that fits him or her properly and that help determine the proper on-the-bike adjustments that result in comfortable, efficient and fun cycling. Without the proper fit, cycling can turn into an uncomfortable or painful experience. The point of owning a nice bike is to get out and use it, not to admire it hanging on he wall...

...Dynamic bike fitting starts with the baseline gained through static fit, but then adds the extra dimension of the unique characteristics of the individual rider. At the highest level this is literally rocket science, with wind tunnel testing thrown in. This is probably a little more than even the most ardent amateur cyclist needs. Still, other dynamic fit techniques that were reserved for the pros in the past are now available to cyclists at all levels....

...In Connecticut, a couple well-known bike fitters include Alex Stanek, who invented the “Smart Fit” system of dynamic bike fitting...

From Bicycle Retailer and Industry News:

It used to be about who had the best racing team, now great bike fitting is what distinguishes the truly professional shops.  Even casual riders are aware that having the bike match their body like their golf clubs or skis do is important to their riding enjoyment.  No one who is paying attention would buy an off-the-rack road bike without having it tweaked to fit them.  This is more important than the brand they are buying."

On a good day, finding a true fitting professional is difficult.  Now the industry has become packed with MANY fitting systems and solutions, all of which are likely to only be as good as the people who are applying them.  Once again, the shops and fitters that are setting themselves apart are the ones with broad experience and full working knowledge of the dynamics of proper bike fit and how it applies across many products and riders.  

These characteristics cannot be learned during a weekend seminar given by the manufacturer of a particular fitting jig or by watching a 4 hour dvd. 

A proliferation of outright BAD FITS is approaching, scratch that, it is already here!  One needs only to attend a triathlon to see proof of this.  Local, regional, national and international level events are loaded with riders showing off $10,000.00 rigs but with such poor positioning and posture that they would complete the race faster using a sled and overweight, overheated dogs! MUSH!

9 out of 10 shops polled used one or some combination of "commercial" fitting and sizing equipment.  Only 1 out of 10 shops we spoke to suggested that they used some sort of industry fitting gear as a basis or starting point for their fitting process. 

Alex Stanek, owner of Smart Cycles in Norwalk, CT is becoming known for what he calls "Smartfit".  

"Some people say that SMARTFIT is something I invented.  I suppose that is true to a point", says Stanek.  "We certainly came up with a method, a sequence in which we work, and we did design and manufacture some equipment that is all our own. But, fitting someone to a bike properly, and whole-istically isn't something new.  It just is a totally LOST ART. We didn't re-invent the wheel, we just dragged it out of the attic, dusted it off and reintroduced people to proper, personal bike fit no matter what type of gear they were interested in buying or what type of riding they intended to do."

When asked what industry equipment he considered before he decided to design his own fitting bike, Stanek offered this: "I'm not going to rate anyone's fitting system.  It isn't my purpose or intention to endorse any equipment or any other process.  I guess the only thing even close to a product endorsement that I can give is that I bought, and happily use, the bikefitting.com body jig, cleat fitter, and software.  Draw your own conclusions. I want to make clear right here that the jig, cleat positioner and software are only aides to my process.  I don't want to be just another shop that offers a certain packaged fitting/sizing service...that crap works for 10% of the fits out there...what about the other 90% of the people?"

Indeed, another informal poll of well know bike fitters reveals a similar pattern. All of them seem to be very familiar with the mainstream fitting equipment and the individual limitations they have.

"My big peeves with the pre-packaged fitting systems were things like claiming to be specific only to one brand, incomplete packages that were high on customer zoot factor but only 20% effective in fitting results, no position simulator available is a big negative. All of this stuff is born in the marketing departments of big companies. They make money, a few of us deliver excellent fitting results.  But there, you go, there is the answer...as always it is all about WHO is doing the fitting, not what system is being used.  Antonio Mondonico fits people with a tape measure.  I don't think I can get away with that quite yet!  ", says Stanek with a bit of sarcasm.

"SMARTFIT involves the customer.  We invite them to become a true participant in the sizing and fitting process. We work with Dr. Robert Zembroski, a Chiropractic Neurologist and specialist in human structure. How many fitters do that?  SMARTFIT doesn't attempt to wow customers with fancy lingo and a lot of bling-bling or as one company says in their literature "ZOOT FACTOR".  Another EXPENSIVE system talks more about the relationships you'll develop with customers by showing them superior customer service and a commitment by your shop to high-end equipment and tools. I don't think they mention anything about bike fit until page 12 of their literature.  Give me a break! This is about what is right for the rider as well as the bike...we like to to justice for the equipment too."

...So as more and more bicycle retailers begin to offer professional fitting services, the sub-plot of who will separate themselves as true fitters begins.  How will your shop proceed???

From An Interview with Intense Cycles:

INT: How can your gear work so well across many brands and types of geometry?

AS: The idea of a brand-specific or geometry-specific sizing system is one that is born by a marketing dept.  That isn't how we proceed.  SMARTFIT works so well because the decisive factor behind it is knowledge and experience with how a rider is supposed to be positioned relative to the two wheels of a bicycle.  A rider either fits a particular geometry well or they don't.  It is pretty simple. The geometry of the frame gives the bike it's riding characteristics.  Being fair to the rider is first priority, but we want to do right by the gear the customer is buying as well.  Why buy a Mondonico if you want to sit on it in a beach cruiser position?!  A Mondonico is not a great beach cruiser!  Get it?

INT: So it seems that SMARTFIT is what we might call a "manual" system.  I know it is dynamic because the customer actually pedals on your position simulator, but why don't you incorporate a video or "coordinate" mapping system...some people call it video analysis.

AS: Funny you should ask. We do have a full video analysis system.  We are fully capable with that.  My belief is that the video analysis or mapping system is more akin to coaching than it is fitting and sizing a customer to a new bike.  Everything we do is trickled down from past experience.  In my experience, I feel like I do a better, tighter, more time-friendly, less expensive and less confusing fit for the customer on the "manual" gear.  I also feel that a consultation with our fitting partner, Dr. Zembroski, is more important for the rider than doing video analysis on the position simulator.  When we are DONE with a fit, it really is only the beginning of the next phase of the fitting process...also, we see a lot of video analysis and VO2 testing being done at bike shops.  My belief is that you should have someone qualified doing that stuff.  I don't go to the gym to get my upper cervical spine adjusted by a floor trainer!

INT: Speaking of the Neurologist you work with, how did that come about and what is the benefit to the rider?

AS: Well, I'm good at what I do and I have a lot of experience, but do you REALLY want ME to identify physical/structural problems in your body and decide how to remedy them?  I wouldn't want me in charge of that!  Dr. Z is a doctor...professional, he is also a rider.  He can add a dimension to the process that is extremely beneficial to the rider.  Also, he can fit people for custom foot beds.  Now, together...he and I can fit a rider to perfection having considered ALL physical issues.  We are working on getting him set up to be the guy who tests for V02 and power output, etc.  Once again, why ask the bike shop guy to analyze that stuff when a doctor is available to do it?

INT: You mentioned you don't like the wedge system for correcting foot alignment, gait and other things in that area of the body as it applies to bike fit.

AS: I don't like the wedge system at all.  I know the principal, I just don't think it works well.  Why correct a foot problem between the sole of the shoe and the cleat?  I understand that some people swear by it, that is ok.  EVERY one I've ever seen is mis-aligned causing an array of other issues. People have them installed and forget about them never checking if they've slipped!  ...and, they aren't corrective, they are temporary.  Quite honestly, I think that a simple gel arch support or heel cup does a better job, requires less maintenance, and is less likely to exacerbate the problem.  Get some real foot beds made...$400 well spent!

INT: What is your advice to prospective new road bike buyers?

Decide what type of ride you want your bike to have.  Make Fit your number one priority.  Determine if your body type can fit the geometry of the frame you want to buy to 95% perfection.  Buy a bike at Smart Cycles!



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"It used to be about who had the best racing team, now great bike fitting is what distinguishes the truly professional shops." -Bicycle Retailer and Industry News


It's All About The FIT...Period! 

 by Alex Stanek, Smart Cycles

[Accurate Body Measurements]
+[Understanding Customer's Needs and Interests]
+[Highest Level Fitting Knowledge and Intuition]
+[Complete Understanding of Product Performance and Purpose]
+[Customer's Complete Participation and Input]!

I'm buying a ROAD BIKE, what is the most important thing to look for?

Forget about frame material.  Forget about wheels.  Forget about brakes.  Forget about tires.  Forget about bike weight. Forget about any and all equipment possibilities.  Forget about all the things you know are meaningful when building your dream bike. At least for a little while.  

We could write or talk about this for hours.  But we will try to keep this intro as simple as possible.  OK, here it goes: Do whatever you must to beat it into your head and convince yourself that ABOVE  EVERYTHING ELSE, by the greatest measure imaginable, FIT IS WHAT MATTERS MOST when you set out to buy a road bike.  

Would a marathon runner be in a position to compete, not to mention survive a race, with shoes two sizes too small or too big???  Ummmm....NO!  Could a basketball player have fun, be fun to play with, or even at the very best give herself the best oppt'y to not kill herself wearing the wrong size shoes?  NO!!!  Could a 5'9", 190 pound major league baseball player be competitive and keep his job if he was forced to use Babe Ruth's bat (50 ounces and 44 inches...OUCH!) ....NO!  The same logic applies to road cyclists.  No matter what your level, interest, or ability...when it comes to cycling, especially road biking...forget about everything until you have allowed yourself to proceed with the knowledge that "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FIT....PERIOD....END OF STORY"!

Now that you have been successfully BRAINWASHED.....READ ON!

What Size Do I Buy?
You have taken many exciting steps towards buying a beautiful, maybe even custom, higher-level road bike. You have labored over frame material, components, budget, even the bike’s color. You’ve been to ten shops. You’ve gone back to three of them 4 times each. You have then visited the last two stores on your list 5 times each. Finally, you have decided on the goods and who you are buying them from. A sense of accomplishment and glee overcomes you….yet you have the sense about you that one painful, difficult, nearly cruel decision is left to be made. You are left with the infernal riddle…. what size do I buy???

In some cases, if you are buying a popular compact or "semi-compact" style road bike (or most mountain bikes), the answer is easily found through a simple process of elimination. If a bike comes in four or even five sizes, the right choice can be made easily… simply by considering the rider’s height, torso length, and to a lesser degree, their inseam. BUT….what if you are choosing a bike frame that comes in 12 or even 18 different sizes? And what if YOU have to determine the sizes of 8 or ten other items on your bike in addition to the frame size!? You probably could buy one of four different frame sizes and for the most part be very pleased. BUT….how do you know WHAT SIZE IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SIZE FOR YOU?

We’ve been selling high-end road bikes (many of which are available in 18 different sizes, sometimes in increments as tight as ½ centimeter) for over 40 years in combined experience. Undeniably, it always comes down to OUR decision and rarely does the customer have the opportunity to truly participate and provide valuable feedback in the process. That is until now! 

There are a variety of bicycle fitting systems and devices one can use, as well as many techniques and "schools of thought" when choosing frame size and fitting a rider to a bicycle. Some employ techie tools that allow for body measurements (this is a great place to start, but certainly not a way to determine a frame size for keeps). There are a thousand pieces of computer software that "solve" the sizing question. Others have you dropping plumb lines all over the place as the customer sits on a bike "approximately" their size…the intersection of these lines creating a "virtual optimization" of frame size and rider position. 

We are not going to tell you that these devices are all useless or inaccurate or that they will end up putting you on the wrong size frame. However, all of these methods still lack the customer’s feel and true participation and feedback in the sizing and fitting process. Also, most of these methods use general guidelines and fitting rules.  They do not incorporate different specific and particular features that are present in frames and bikes from different manufacturers.  If you are buying a TORELLI EXPRESS, your fitting session needs to be specific to that model.  The results from your fitting session, with a Torelli Express in mind, cannot be used if you change your mind to a Guerciotti G45!!!  Don't fall into the trap!

Pretend for a minute you are not buying a bicycle. You have chosen to have a custom tailored suit made by a clothier. You choose a style, a fabric, a color, and you meet the tailor for your first fitting. You are measured…measured again and again and again! You trust your tailor. But, you know that in an approaching visit, you will be putting the suit on for the most important part of the fitting process. YOU will wear it and have a say in how it looks and FEELS. After some time working together, you and your tailor are on the "same-page"…and you both move forward with confidence and excitement. Logically, wouldn’t you like to apply that process to determine what size bike you need? YOU CAN! 

We have made it possible through the development of a very unique sizing technique, process and device we call SMARTFIT. But Before we get into its detail, we’d like to address a few specifics about bike frame sizes and overall rider-to-bike fit.

More To Frame Size Than Meets The EYE!

A bike’s frame size (as it corresponds to the rider’s fit) has 4 basic dimensions:

  1. The length of the SEAT TUBE, this is generally referred to as the FRAME SIZE.
  2. The length of the TOP TUBE.

These dimensions have a profound effect on the overall size of the bike, how it rides, its stability, and how the rider fits it. They also will have an effect on what crankarm length you should use, what stem rise and reach you should use, and also help determine what sizes to choose in other components of your bike. Our SMARTFIT BICYCLE SIZING AND FITTING SYSTEM takes the guesswork out of the selection of available frame sizes* and totally quells the wonder if one has selected the correct frame size. Most importantly, it makes the rider’s specific needs and input a decisive part of the process. Before we tell you how it works, we have a little more info for you.

*SmartFit also serves as a fantastic tool when the need to determine truly custom frame configurations arises.  We can measure you up for a TOTALLY custom frame built for you personally by the MONDONICO's in Italy!  


Sizing Vs. Fitting

You’ve read these two words in this essay a number of times. They do NOT mean the same thing. Once you have determined the correct bike SIZE…we move onto the FITTING process. How you fit on a carefully selected bike depends on things other than just the correct frame size. YES, there is more to do. Many people do not even consider that there are a number of CRUCIAL component sizes and adjustments that must be chosen and made properly in order to put you in the best riding position possible on your new bike.

These particulars will ENSURE:

  • You fit the bike properly
  • The bike provides the greatest efficiency for the rider
  • Maximum comfort for the rider
  • Maximum stability for the rider
  • Maximum power transfer for the rider
  • Maximum aerodynamics for the rider

These are:

  • Seat Height
  • Seat Fore-Aft Position
  • Seat Rail Length
  • Seat Post Clamp Range-of-Adjustment and Length
  • Saddle width and fit-to-rider
  • Headset Stacking Height
  • Stem Length
  • Stem Rise
  • Handlebar Width, Reach and Drop
  • Crankarm Length
  • Pedal, Cleat and Shoe Selection and Set-up
  • Distribution of Rider and Bike Weight Between Front and Rear Wheels
  • Tire Width and Compound

OK, now you know what must be considered to make all the right decisions in these departments and we are sure you want to know how SMARTFIT achieves it all easily, precisely and in a timely manner that is all easy to comprehend by the client. Even a purely novice biker will understand what is being done and how their feedback will be VERY valuable in the process. At all times during the SMARTFIT process, we keep the best interests and riding style of our customer in mind. If you are buying a bike to race, we would certainly not suggest the same set-up as we might if you were buying a bike for recreational, or serious but non-competitive riding.


In a perfect world, a customer would be able to test ride every frame size available with every combination of components available. Picking the right bike in this situation would be easier, but it would still be necessary to try at least a few combinations to determine what felt best. This is proof that the rider's input IS CRITICAL in the process. Not only would the customer have the opportunity to test different frame sizes, but they could also try EVERY stem length, rise and stacking height that would be reasonable for them to consider…then try 5 different crankarm lengths…how about 15 different handlebar combinations…do you see where we are going??? (Believe it or not, there would be nearly 3000 different possible combinations in a typical bicycle fitting session.) After testing all the different possibilities, we could make alterations and adjustments to achieve the perfect set up. Sounds nice, we know….but completely impossible!!! Well, impossible in the most literal of sense of the terms anyway.

SMARTFIT is an infinitely adjustable bicycle "position simulator". We have conceptualized, designed, engineered and manufactured a truly MORPHING bicycle frame-sizing apparatus that is unlike any other system of its type. The lengths of the seat tube and top tube are totally adjustable as are the angles of the head tube and the seat tube. We can manipulate the stacking height of the headset, the length of the stem, the rise of the stem and the length of the crankarms. The seatpost height is adjustable as is the saddle fore-aft position. Different handlebar widths, reaches, and drops can be tested. This is how SMARTFIT reveals its inarguable value.

SMARTFIT allows us to do all of this in REALITY, not just virtually on a computer screen. As the client, you will actually sit up on the SMARTFIT and be able to ride the EXACT configuration of frame size and component set-up that our calculations and intuition have suggested as the best for you. You then become an integral and important part of the selection process. YOUR feedback as well as YOUR position on your "virtual" bike are taken into account to a high degree. There is no more guessing, no shrugging of shoulders, no more "ok…that looks good…must be good" assurances. Basically, you get to ride 5, 10, 20, 30 or more different configurations to determine the one that is best for you.

SMARTFIT ends all wonder and question as to what to buy. Its ability to determine EXACT positions and sizes even helps you optimize your purchase of components. After a SMARTFIT session, you will know what cranks, stems, bars, saddles, headsets, seatposts, and pedals you should be considering. You will avoid costly mistakes that look good on paper but don’t feel great on the bike. And the best part of the whole process is that FEEL was taken into consideration. In order to have fun on a bike, it has to FEEL comfortable, it must FEEL efficient, it must FEEL like it allows you to be a part of your riding environment. Ultimately you are buying a bike to get out and FEEL the road below you…why should you not FEEL what you are buying before you commit to it? We developed and invested in SMARTFIT to allow our customers just that opportunity and it DOES NOT FAIL!

Furthermore, we have compiled a database of riders, their riding styles, body measurements and the frame sizes and component choices that this sample of bikers has been happily and successfully using. This data has been collected from a varied group of retailers, teams, speed labs, coaches, framebuilders, and distributors. While we wouldn’t use this as a way to determine your optimal frame size and bike fitting, the information can be very valuable to the process. Sizing and fitting a bike is all about the personal relationship between the rider and the equipment, but our intuition and beliefs come from experience and this rider database keeps all of that experience at our fingertips for reference!

Sign up today for a SMARTFIT Session. Available for stock or custom new bike buyers. Also available to optimize fit of riders to their current bikes. 

If you want an honest, educated and experienced opinion of any existing frame or bike and/or if it is appropriate for you, you should consider doing a SMARTFIT session with us.  SMARTFIT is a valuable tool and will help you determine if a particular frame geometry or full bike configuration will fit YOU properly.  We perform fittings on a stand alone basis.  You do not have to buy a bike or frame from us to benefit from SMARTFIT! 

SMARTFIT sessions are specific to you the customer...but that is only half of the equation...we MUST BE FAMILIAR with the specifics of the intended frame purchase to provide accurate advice!

How SMARTFIT Differs From Other "Sizing Cycles"

  • Looks Like A Bike, Eliminates Confusion Of Person Being Sized.
  • Allows Use Of Real Bike Parts, Specifically Tires and Wheels To Retain The Feel Of A Bike And Offers A More True Rider Cockpit and Feel.
  • Allows Client To Set Their Components On It For Even More Accurate and Specific Results and Feel.
  • Laser Etched Rulers and Compasses Make For Quick and Accurate Changes To Lengths and Angles For Testing Various Configurations
  • Clamps Into A Familiar, Easy To Use, Indoor Trainer.
  • Uses Established SALSA Brand Stem Sizer.
  • Uses Standard Road Bike Bottom Bracket and Cranksets To Retain Feel Of A Real Bike During Pedaling

A Typical SMARTFIT SESSION Includes:

  • Body measurements: height, inseam, hip to knee, knee to ankle, foot length, torso length, neck length, arm/reach, shoulder width and other measurements. Done on the remarkable equipment and data analysis tools from BIKEFITTING.com .
  • Analysis Of Measurements Vs. Sizes that desired frame is available in or your existing bike’s measurements or guidelines Of Builder Making Your Custom Frame
  • Discussion of Analysis and Selection Of Optimal Frame Size
  • Complete Guided Session on SMARTFIT SIZING APPARATUS including the testing of different frame sizes and component set-up possibilities
  • Documentation Of Your Session, listing "best" choices in frame size and other components

Bring your existing bike, shoes, pedals, comfortable but tight fitting riding shorts or tights and jersey.

BY Appointment ONLY. $150 for customers purchasing a bike from Smart Cycles. $300 per session otherwise.

Cost of fitting is deducted from full bikes purchased at Smart Cycles. (Bike may be purchased up to 30 days following fitting to have fitting cost applied to the purchase)

Most appointments last 1 to more than 2 hours.



Click the pic for a larger view!

A quick note about RIDER FLEXIBILITY

We don’t mean to overwhelm you with information, but we would like to let you know that we strongly believe that your personal flexibility has a LOT to do with your overall comfort on a bike and it will directly affect your performance on a bike. Many people sit on a bike cold and stiff and say "this is uncomfortable"…the same person, after doing some stretching and being more prepared for a ride physically can have a completely different experience. Imagine this while riding and not just sitting on the bike. This segment of the cycling, sizing and fitting process is more akin to performance, training, and coaching, but we would like to put the bug in your ear. As with ANY sport or physical activity, stretching the appropriate muscle groups is IMPORTANT. As we proceed with your SMARTFIT SESSION, we will take your personal flexibility into account. Some people would make sizing decisions based on cold measurements…we will NOT allow that to happen! We also recommend some basic stretching right before the session. If it is possible for you to get real loose before our appointment, like you might get if you sit in a hot tub or sauna, we would not tell you that it wouldn’t make a difference…much like it would right before a long ride!



Hi Alex, 
What a coincidence to receive your note just now, as I was about to email you the 100 mile report ! 
For the poets among us, I'll tell you that the Mondonico Futura Leggero bike rides like Michelangelo's David stands - strong, athletic, graceful - courageous, if a bike could have emotion. For those of us with more scientific sensibilities, I should note that, in the first week, my average speed on the flats and climbs has improved 1 - 2 MPH, with a reduced heart rate of 8 - 10 BPM. 

The custom bike fit is extraordinary - where previously I dismounted my bike feeling tired and beaten up, I now dismount my new Mondonico bike feeling still tired, yeah, but without the aches and pains associated with a bike that really didn't fit correctly. 

I will keep you posted as I continue to break in the bike and will, of course, see you in a couple weeks for a 300 - 400 mile adjustment. 

Thanks for the great bike, the incredible custom fit, and the Awesome customer service !  you guys rock !
Best regards, Joel M.



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