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Comfort bikes have saved the bicycle industry.  For a long time, bike manufacturers were so concerned with selling speed, flash, and hyped-up products that comfort was forgotten.  They did sell a LOT of bikes, but it seemed that very few people were riding what they purchased.  Repeat business from casual cyclists was nearly lost.  People weren't riding, so they didn't need new equipment, repairs, etc.  Sales at bikes shops went stagnant. YIKES!

Let's face it...if riding isn't comfortable, then it isn't fun...if it isn't fun...who is going to ride???  That is what we were faced with a few years ago as an industry.  Fortunately, in addition to Hybrid bikes, we now have
City Bikes and Comfort Mountain Bikes

These are bikes that are recreational in nature and all about being cozy.  Like a LazyBoy with wheels!  26" wide, low pressure tires, suspension seat posts and forks, and adjustable handlebar stems all make these bikes comfortable and fun for everyone and anyone!

Giant Sedona Comfort MTB - City Bike


Women's Sedona


Giant Suede Comfort Bike


Raleigh Venture City Bike - Women's Frame Style


The word Hybrid implies a "combination" or "cross" between bikes. That is accurate.  A Hybrid bike is pretty much half-mountain-bike, half-road-bike.  The real important thing to keep in mind is that the mountain-half of Hybrids is more about components than about being able to use it off-road.  Hybrids are, for the most part, meant to be ridden casually on pavement.  Hitting a dirt road, or loose gravel driveway once in a while is ok.  BUT, forget about using a hybrid in a rocky, rooty, loose-surfaced trail.

Hybrids are great recreational bikes.  They come totally decked out for comfort and they also come in more sporty versions that are closer to a pure-road bike in terms of feel.  The 700c road-sized, somewhat narrow, and high-pressure tires make for smooth, fast rides on nicely kept roads.  Hybrids are great for our area where you can find longer stretches of nice roads and even for the great coastal riding available along The Sound!

Giant Cypress LX Hybrid Bike - Comfort for the Pavement


Raleigh Passage Hybrid Bike - Smooth Tires, Upright Position, 
Cozy Saddle


Giant Cypress Ex - Comfort, Simplicity and Durability for Commuting or Recreational Riding


Cypress EX Women's Style


Family Biking is a growing activity again. 

We are happy for this as retailers, but also as members of our community.  Biking is a fun and healthy activity.  It creates, healthy and happy people!  A whole family can participate in biking together on the same day.  We have many families who shop at Smart Cycles that wouldn't miss a weekend of TOGETHERNESS ON WHEELS for anything!  

Kids, mom, dad, grandma, grandapa and in some cases....GREAT GRANDPARENTS all mount their bikes and go out together. We are always stocked up to satisfy your whole family's biking needs.  Some basic family gear suggestions are:



  • Comfort Bikes for adults and teens
  • Geared Bikes for youngsters
  • Child carriers or trailers for the infants - pets, or extra gear
  • Helmets for everyone
  • Gloves for everyone
  • Water Bottles for everyone
  • Bike Locks for everyone
  • Rear Cargo Racks for the adults
  • Cycling Computers for the adults and older kids
  • Cycle Clothing for everyone

It may seem simple, but here are a few suggestions to spice up your family biking excursions:

BEACH DAY ADVENTURE - Pack up the whole family and ride to the beach to spend the whole day! 

MARITIME CENTER - Ride to the Maritime Center, Park the bikes and spend a day learning about LONG ISLAND SOUND!

WILDLIFE TOUR - Pack everyone up and head out towards the shoreline or up north along the woodlands in WILTON and WESTON.  Stop along the way and make a point to seek out and appreciate our local wildlife.  Do you know what your ANIMAL TOTEM IS?  Teach your kids about life using our wild friends as an example...your kids will remember these trips forever!

RIDE TO AND THROUGH THE TRAILS - Ride your bikes to Cranbury Park in Norwalk. While there, you can enjoy a picnic on the great lawn or under the public pavilion.  The kids can use the playground, then you can all take a casual ride through the trails at the park.  The ride home will cap off a fantastic day on wheels!